Student Finance League is a nonprofit which partners with organizations, schools and shelters teaching the language of money, business and life to develop confidence and promote stability, opportunity, and equality.  

The focus is to leverage students abilities, interests, strengths and goals while mitigating obstacles creating a healthy financial lifestyle that sustains.

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Our goal is to expose and educate students in developing life skills by teaching the language of money, business and life. With support from Founders, Partners and experts, Student Finance League ("SFL") improves the quality of life for future generations promoting stability, equality and opportunity. SFL is a platform in which our students receive personal mentoring from professionals, educators and successful entrepreneurs who instill knowledge and hope. SFL is a comprehensive program that not only focuses on critical financial literacy, but also develops execution skills. These include establishing bank accounts, evaluating investments, designing REALISTIC business plans, as well as forming businesses to generate consistent income with an emphasis on capital management. 

There are many ways to get involved:

- Volunteer full/ part time

- Donate

- Become a speaker

- Mentoring  

- Submit material to share  

- Start a group/club

Get Involved
Students who learn to ask questions and conduct research about personal finances and business opportunities are more likely to succeed and secure a better future for themselves. Our program provides critical expertise and incentives to recognize and leverage opportunities creating a pathway to success and wealth. We teach the language of money and business, break barriers and bridge the vocabulary gap in our community. Like learning English and Spanish, money and business are a language. By offering a platform which focuses on learning the vocabulary, terminology and research of money and business allows students to fully understand and execute crucial skills