Career and College Preparation 

- School and Scholarships  

- Career Guidance

- Interviewing and Selling

- Speak and Act like a Professional

College and Scholarships 

All Americans have the ability and right to attend a post secondary institution and get a great education.  SFL exposes our students to the many types of scholarships available and how to manage personal finances before, during and after their education.  

Showing students of all ages, employment status, education level and income level that school is available and an option. 

Program focus:

- Search and define all scholarships available in the United States and abroad

- Students work with educators, SFL staff and mentors to apply for school and scholarships 

- Assist in finding the right school for each individual and their circumstance/situation

Career Guidance


Hobbies, passions, skills, strengths and weakness will be a large determinant in what an individual chooses to do the rest of their life.   SFL works with our students to find the happy balance between passions and strengths.   Most students do not realize how many different types of jobs, companies and programs are available and ways to make money.  

Program Focus:

- Discover each students strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, character traits, passions and hobbies

- List the different school and career paths best suited to the student 

- Arrange internships and business opportunities to fuel the process


SFL gives our students the confidence  and correct method to interview for a job, school or meeting with a client.  What to say and not to say is a huge part of an interview process!

Program Focus:

- Certain words and phrases to focus on while interviewing

- How to impress and be likable 

- Resume and cover letter assistance 

- Show innovative ways to stick out from the crowds

- SFL conducts mock interviews and sales calls to get the students familiar with the process 

Look and Act like a Professional 

How to speak, act and present yourself at an interview, at the office and in every day business is so important.  The interviewer, future boss, potential client and colleagues are not your unconditionally loving mother or forgiving teacher and how one conducts themselves is crucial.

Program Focus:

- Dress for success

- Using manners, professionalism and business terminology

- Office and client conduct and etiquette