Stats and Facts

The Financial Industry:
Financial services industry spends - $5.5 billion each year marketing financial products/services
                                      - $670 Million annually providing financial education

National financial issues:
Percentage of the population in America living in Poverty by year:

1999 - 11.9%

2007 - 12.5%

2016 - 12.7%

National Credit Card debt 2017

- $905 billion with average household carrying balance of $15,654 9 million households are unbanked

and 21 million households are underbanked

Florida poverty facts
15.7% live below the poverty line

 22.8% of children line below poverty line

5.4% unemployment rate 

16% Disconnected Youth

12.7% households with hunger and food insecurity

 35 per 100 apartments are affordable housing

 Median household income for Overtown Miami is $13,000.

Florida is 5.9% unbanked and 1
7.5% underbanked = 23.6% population 


Program was created from being a volunteer at an after school youth group and observing professionals

promote financial stability yet the students had blank faces and realized it’s

not an effort issue but a language barrier. The program is composed of 18 chapter workbook and lessons

that teaches the vocabulary, language, conversations and confidence in the areas of money, credit, debt,

real estate, loans, business, taxes, accounting, budgeting, legal, insurance, college, professionalism, investing,

fraud and scam prevention, marketing, sales, interviews and entrepreneurship. 

SFL has approximately 16,000 students age 11-70 and successfully completing the program, creating

 functioning businesses, getting jobs, generating consistent income and saving while working around their

schedules. Student Finance League partners with existing organizations to add finance and business education

to the current initiatives (about 2-5 hours a month). Each organizations has allocated mentors, volunteers,

 workbooks and material, special guests/speakers and an opportunity to develop skills for life. 

Some of theses include:

​- Selling water and snacks at local events

- Errands services

- Manual labor 

- Beauty services

- Selling baked goods

- Tech Support

- Landscaping

- Cleaning

​- Makeup at the Opera

- Interning at the Tax department

​- Inside sales

​- Creating a clothing company

- Becoming a truck/forklift driver

- Hospitality

- Teaching

​- Programing/Computers 

Many students have gained and maintained employment, opened and established bank accounts and credit,

obtained a safe residence and are now living a healthy financial lifestyle that sustains.  

Once the students understand the language of money, business and life, all the commercials, businesses, 

financial services, volunteers, mentors, and lessons make sense because everyone is speaking the same language. 

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