Student Finance League partners with existing organizations to add finance and business education to the 

current initiatives (about 2-5 hours a month).

 Each organizations is allocated mentors, volunteers, workbooks and material, special guests/speakers

and an opportunity to develop skills for life. 

The concept started out as a doodle on a airplane napkin flying from New Orleans to Miami and developed

into a very effective and respected program.  SFL will be expanding across the United States and into the

Commonwealth counties over the next few years.  

SFL has approximately 20,000 students age 11-70 and they successfully completing the program, creating functioning businesses, generating consistent income and saving while working around their schedules.

Some of theses businesses include:

​- Selling water and snacks at local events

- Errands services

- Manual labor 

- Beauty services

- Selling baked goods

- Tech Support

- Landscaping

- Cleaning

To register and complete the program, the student will need:

- Be registered or a member of an after school program or organization which Student Finance League has a partnership with.  

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