Student Finance League has:

-  Expanded to  New York and growing throughout Florida, Michigan, Illinois, California and India.  

-  Been recognized as making many trafficking victims "human again"

-  Member of the South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force and New York State Anti-trafficking Coalition

-  Member of  the Broward and Palm Beach Human Trafficking Coalition

-  Transformed a handful of survivors into  teacher, now students are teaching students! 

- Been featured on several radio interviews.

 - Have officially launch the Special needs financial literacy curriculum after a very successful pilot with University of Miami-Center for Autism and         Related Disabilities.  Program is active within several organizations including  JCC and WOW center.  

​- Member of the United Nations Association and invited to Headquarters in NYC to help pass a victims justice Bill with Senator Thompson

- Acknowledged By Senator Marco Rubio for identifying, preventing and treating human trafficking based on money and finance. 

 Diana Thompson, CEO, has recently:

-  keynote speaker: African Leaders Conference speaking to community leaders from 26 countries in Africa about citizen participation.

-  Spoke at the Broward Human Trafficking Coalition about SFL and the importance of teaching money and business skills to survivors

-  Keynote speaker for CADV (coalition against domestic violence)  

    Speaking to 43 domestic violence shelters in Florida emphasizing economic empowerment.  

In the works:

Student Finance League continues to expand throughout the United Staes and world along with making impactful partnerships with local banks, institutions and business.  

Foster Focus magazine, the only national publication dedicated to the foster industry, featured Student Finance League 

Page 23-24

Student Finance League and Diana Thompson were featured on CBS

Teaching financial literacy at a local human trafficking shelter