Student Success

Bryant Mckinnie

NFL Superstar, Super Bowl winner (Baltimore Ravens) and successful Entrepreneur

Celebrity and Guest Speakers:


Communities in Schools 

Event #1

Learning the art of selling with 3 students at the Classic Car Show in Hollywood. 

Robert Shemin

 New York Times best selling author in wealth and finance (Best known for "how come that idiot's rich and I'm not?)

Communities in Schools 

Event # 1

Darius McDouglas 

Ex ball player and executive at nationwide haul

Mr. William Penthouse 

 Penthouse Productions and a 55 year veteran in the music industry (has opened for the Temptations, Commodores and Platters)

Mr Victor Williams

Special agent homeland security, head of Human Trafficking 

​Getting Results

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- Businesses Incorporated

- Making Money 

New Clothing Line Launched

Dr Rainford Knight and Anthony De  Jesus
Dr Knight is President of the Florida Institute of Finance and Anthony De Jesus is top Investment Banker with Morgan Stanly and Entrepreneur.