The Student Finance League is not just an educational platform, but by incorporating new businesses, creates an

entire ecosystem...


The SFL does the following for each of the students:

1. Teach financial literacy

-  Mentors/volunteers work with student  2-5 hours a month (program is between 2-10 months in length

depending on time and dedication) to complete the workbooks 

2. Prepare and set up their financials 

- Establish personal/ business bank accounts and evaluate investments

3. New Business Execution

- Once the workbooks and business plan is complete, SFL covers the cost to incorporate and launch

our students new businesses. 

4. Marketing

- Design student websites, set up social media and marketing materials

​5. Maintenance

- Designated mentors work with the student to ensure success and happiness with emphasis on 

management,  marketing, taxes, sales and bookkeeping 

Each student has different needs and goals and this varies depending on what those are; some want to save

for school having a summer or part time business to make money and others would like to be an entrepreneur


The SFL program is taught at weekly, monthly or one off events by mentors and volunteers which provide

a hands on approach to teach, grow, develop, and mature students personally and professionally while encouraging productive life choices. The program includes workbooks to teach the language of finance

and business, guest speakers to motivate the students and share personal success stories, college and

career preparation, life and financial planning and accomplishing realistic goals.

- Each of our partnering organizations have different time availably, number of students and resources and our program is tailored to accommodate. 

​Students who complete the program are offered an internship gaining work experience and learning specific skills adding to their resume.  

​The more donations Student Finance League can raise, the more students can receive PAID internships and opportunities.  

SFL Program Breakdown

Financial Education: 

Workbooks are given to each student to teach financial terminology, crucial economic skills and exercises to

deliver a basic understanding of banking, money, saving, investing, insurance, loans, mortgaging, financing,

taxes, accounting, debt, credit etc

Business Education: 

Our students are exposed to different types of business opportunities, business management, career

guidance, entrepreneurship and professional    goal setting.  SFL works with our students to discover and develop

talents, design realistic business plans, create pathways to success and form smart employees and entrepreneurs. 

Special Guest Speakers and Events:

SFL exposes our students to celebrities, professional athletes, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, professionals and success

stories to motivate, add excitement, and promote hard word. SFL also partners with local events to give our

students an opportunity to learning professionalism, network and make money.  


SFL covers the cost to incorporate and launch each students new business, evaluate investments, establish

bank accounts, as well as create marketing and business plans.  SFL mentors are available to all students

throughout the entire process and long after the student has launched their businesses. SFL conducts mock

interviews and resume preparation, sales and selling exercises, classes which focus on looking and speaking

professional and gives real internship opportunities.