SFL Program Breakdown

Financial Education: 

Workbooks are given to each student to teach financial terminology, crucial concepts and skills along with exercises

to deliver a basic understanding of financial services industry. 

Business Education: 

Our students are exposed to different types of business opportunities, business management, career

guidance, entrepreneurship and professional goal setting.  The program works with students to discover and

develop talents, design realistic business plans, create pathways to success and form smart employees

and entrepreneurs. 

Special Guest Speakers and Events:

The program exposes students to celebrities, professional athletes, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, professionals and

success stories to motivate, as well as partnering with local events.   

The Student Finance League is not just an educational platform but helps all members of the community

understand the opportunities around them and create a healthy financial lifestyle that sustains.  


The SFL does the following for each of the students:

 Teach the language of money and life

-  During the seminars and workshops, community mentors and professional volunteers work with participants 

2-8 hours a month (program is between 2-10 months in length depending on available time and needs) conducting lessons, playing games, role playing and developing crucial vocabulary and confidence.  

     - The program is taught by past participants who have completed the program and looking to not only pay it

forward but help like minded students succeed.  This is our pride and joy as it allows past students to generate 

legal, consistent and safe income, but also build a resume, gain real life work experience and give current 

participants  hope.  From our research, professionals make a wonderful effort but many students do not relate

to industry experts or someone from "the other side of the tracks" leading to a gap in vocabulary and confidence.   With support from professionals and a teacher students can relate to, who has actually been through the

program and walking success story, is what makes this so effective.  

​Identity each participants Strengths, Weaknesses and Abilities 

- Understanding the reality of life and that not everyone is going to be a professional athlete or singer is

important.  Finding out what each student is good at and research how to capitalize on it.  Helping students

find a way to make money and sustain doing what they love but the business side of it.  Just because a dream

may not play out like imagined, does not mean it has to die.  There are ways to make money in every industry

and this is the key to success.  


- So many efforts are designed to help students establish themselves financially and get services, products and accounts but not how to maintain.  Designated mentors work with the student to prevent frauds and scams, keep accounts in good standings and how to identify red flags.  Anyone can get a credit card, bank account or job but maintain was a major issues with our students.  


The SFL program is taught at weekly, monthly or one off events by mentors and volunteers which provide

a hands on approach to teach, grow, develop, and mature students personally and professionally while encouraging productive life choices. The program includes workbooks to teach the language of finance

and business, guest speakers to motivate the students and share personal success stories, college and

career preparation, life and financial planning and accomplishing realistic goals.

- Each of our partnering organizations have different time availably, number of students and resources and our program is tailored to accommodate. 

​Students who complete the program are offered an internship gaining work experience and learning specific skills adding to their resume.  

​The more donations Student Finance League can raise, the more students can receive PAID internships and opportunities.